RADHA PAUDEL FOUNDATION (RPF), Nepal informally started to work since 2016 and officially registered in 2017 under the government (167502/74 and 46619 in Social Welfare Council).

The VISION of the RPF is emancipation for menstruators from poverty, injustices, discrimination.

The MISSION of the foundation are:

i) educate for deconstruct the social evils and practices,

ii) engage men for gender justice, peace and human right,

iii) empower girls and women politically, economically, socially, environmentally,

iv) enhanced networks, coalition and alliances for policy enforcement and advocacy at all levels and

v) enrich capacity of team, partners and concerned stakeholders.


i) to organize and mobilize the like-minded organizations and individuals for peace and justice,

ii) to initiate dialogue on dignified menstruation, gender-based violence, human right,

iii) to cultivate culture of hope and inspire during nature and human made crisis,

iv) to accomplish evidence-based policy advocacy and to build role models through execution of programs

The Key STRATEGIEs of RPF are:

Miteri-Let’s Live Together, Social Business, Movement Building, Accountability.


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