Radha Paudel Foundation

Message From Radha Paudel


Dear Peacemakers/Lovers/Supporters/Well-wishers around the World
Namaste and Greetings!

I was overwhelmed while crafting this message. It’s already been seven years, and we have been working diligently through Radha Paudel Foundation and its wings; Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation. It has created a global impact, though a long way to go to ensure every menstruator’s life is dignified at home, school, community, and everywhere. 


Indeed, we started our journey with abrasion, pain, rubles and dessert. I was emotionally drained, depressed and physically fragile because of breaking six bones. Since day one, I have been aware that my choice is challenging, and I am inspired by challenges though I was sucked in somewhere even at the bottom of the bottom, and struggling in darkness. I could not explain how much I had been abandoned and blamed by the people whom I trusted most. 


From the bottom of my heart, I would extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you who stand next to me, pouring unconditional love, kindness, empathy, and compassion. I am indebted for it and will be grateful forever. I humbly request you all to extend your same level of support in the coming days ahead because I want to fly higher and further by extending our horizon to all aspects where menstruators are in all diversities. 


In Love, Peace and Solidarity, 

Radha Paudel

21 Dec 2023