Radha Paudel Foundation

Message From Radha Paudel

Dear Peace Makers/Lovers/Supporters/ Well Wishers around the World
Namaste and Greetings!

“Here, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to each of you who supported me and my cause through Action Works Nepal (AWON). Since 2016, I’ve not associated with AWON anymore due to being incompatible with agreed principles and philosophy.

Yet, I remember the promises what I have made with each of you to continue the advocacy for the voiceless includes poor, marginalized and excluded people, groups and communities. I also like to reiterate my vision that I shared with you all that I simply like to save a girl from the suffering what I have experienced in my life since childhood to date for cultivating peace and justice because the absence of war is not PEACE. Despite all ups and downs, I am so passionate and committed to continue my dream and fulfill the promise what I made with you all, thus, I founded Radha Paudel Foundation (RPF), Nepal in 2016 (officially registered in 2017) under the Office of Company Registrar and Social Welfare Council of the government of Nepal, the reference of registration are 167502/74 and 46619 respectively.

RPF is doing whatever the possible from our end such as training, research, advocacy around peace, human right, empowerment, development through mixed model (business and charity model) in Nepal and beyond. I hope that you will continue the support for the novel causes on what I believe and doing. Together we would make difference!

Thank you very much for your understanding. Shall you have any queries, feel free to drop the message as follows.”

Your’s Sincerely,
Radha Paudel
Radha Paudel Foundation
email: rpaudel456@gmail.com