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Mini Hand Book on Dignified Menstruation

A Mini Hand Book on Dignified Menstruation consists of myths, taboos, and stigma that are related to menstrual discrimination. This book gives a clarity that menstruation is a natural phenomena and every menstruators have a right to live their life with full dignity.

Khalanga Ma Hamala

Khalangama Hamala is the war memoir of a health worker written during the Maoist insurgency at Jumla, Nepal. It has also won the Madan Puraskar which is the most recognized literary award in Nepal. The book has also been translated into English. This Book is available on both Thuprai.com and Amazon.com

Aapabitra Ragat

Apabitra Ragat is the author's own struggle and freedom story. Moreover, it is a paradigm shift for world peace, human rights and world development.


This book is an account of the Maoist war in Khalanga, West Nepal; a nurse's diary. This is the English translation of Madan Puraskar winning book 'Khalangama Hamala'.

Dignified Menstruation- A Practical Handbook.

With 40 contributions from more than 20 countries, Dignified Menstruation examines the experiences of both menstruators and non-menstruators with respect to the dignity of menstruation in various circumstances. This book marks a milestone in changing the narrative of menstruation at the individual, family, society and global levels and thereby in achieving the goal of an equal society in which menstruator do not have to feel shamed by this most basic function of life.

Dignified Menstruation for girls with "Neurodevelopment Disorders"

"Dignified Menstruation for girls with Neurodevelopmental disorders" is a pictorial disabled-friendly book that illustrates the importance of dignified Menstruation. Girls with neurodevelopmental disorders may not always be able to manage menstrual self-care with dignity. This bool aims to create an enabling environment by demystifying the rumors and myths associated with girls with neurodevelopmental disorders in regards to menstruation, and how they can live with dignity.

The Journey of the Light of the Lamp from Lamjung to London

"The journey of the light of the lamp from Lamjung to London" is the biography of a Nurse who has started to work as a Nurse in Lamjung to London.

Roll number 1

Roll Number 1 is the book that reflects the childhood memory of Radha Paudel. This book is about the pool of superstition prevailing in society, where the pain that a girl has endured till her adolescence age.