1. Peace, Human Right, Empowerment

The status of women in peace, human right and empowerment is still so far behind due to having two different perspective of women’s right movement in Nepal. The impunity, culture of silence, political influence  poor enforcement of policies are pushing women’s in further behind or women are not in priority. The other side of coin is fully occupied by the elite lead activism, economically dependent, capability of women leaders, lack of collective agency among women leaders. In such situation, the rural women simply lost and nowhere due to lack of safety, security, and dignity. Under this category, RPF, is working in following three major sub-headings;

Women’s Participation in Decision Making Process

Protection of women and women human right defenders

Prevention of women from any forms of Gender Based violence through Dignified Menstruation.

  1. Education

RPF strongly believes that the quality education is a tool for creating avenues for peace, human right and empowerment for and by the women. Education leads Empowerment and Empowerment leads for Emancipation. However, the status of education for girls in remote areas is in great challenge due to many ways; poverty, no value of education, child marriage, Menstrual Restriction or Chhaupadi etc.

Besides teachings, training, RPF supports for teacher and other soft ware skills for quality education in the remote village  called Shree PanchaSheela Adharbhut Bidhyalaya, Dhimkot, Kudari, Jumla as mentioned in picture.







3. Livelihood

For sustaining the political empowerment, the economic empowerment is crucial. But it has so much restric

Women learning sewing

ted due to not having partners for financing or partnering for social business. However, RPF is trying to do few activities by targeting the women and marginalized people from the extreme rural areas of the country.

Likewise, the bio-degradable sanitary pad also started in Chitwan in collaboration of local women leaders.








4. Disaster Response

Buffalo cart assisting passerby for crossing flooded river at Badarmude, Madi Chitwan

By considering the most disaster prone country, RPF continues its presence in disaster prevention and response as cross cutting theme.






  1. Building Leadership:

RPF beliefs in building leadership and its smooth handover to overcome the obstacles in future. It welcomes to both national and international youths, students, volunteers, interns to work in field, office and even from the distance.