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मर्यादित महिनावारी "पत्रकारिता फेलोशिप कार्यक्रम-२०२३" (Media Fellowship on Dignified Menstruation)

राधा पौडेल फाउन्डेशनले २०१७ साल देखि मर्यादित महिनावारी मा विभिन्न मध्यम द्वारा विश्व भरि नै जनचेतनामूलक कार्यक्रम, वकालत , तालिम, गोष्ठी गर्दै आएको छ | राधा पौडेल  फाउन्डेशनले नेपाल सरकारसंगको समन्वयमा २०१९ देखि डिसेम्बर 8 मा अन्तराष्ट्रिय मर्यादित महिनावारी दिवस मनाउदै आएको छ |

मर्यादित महिनावारी मा संचारकर्मीहरुको महत्व र योगदानलाई ध्यानमा राखेर मर्यादित महिनावारी “पत्रकारिता फेलोशिप कार्यक्रम-२०२३” को आव्हान गरेको छ | यो आव्हान नेपालको 7 वटा प्रदेशबाट पत्रकारिता क्षेत्रमा लागिपर्नु भएको संचारकर्मीहरुका लागि रहेको छ |
ईच्छुक संचारकर्मीहरुले तल उल्लेखित विवरण भरि आवेदन दिन सक्नुहुनेछ |
आवेदन दिने अन्तिम मिति : जेठ १३ गते, २०८० 
तालिम : जेठ २६ र २७ गते, २०८०
तालिम संचालन हुने स्थान : सौराहा चितवन  

Dignified Menstruation Fellowship-2023

Radha Paudel Foundation in the support of AIDS Healthcare Foundation is organizing the “Dignified Menstruation Fellowship -2023” . With the objectives of manifest the urgency of the dialogue on Dignified Menstruation,  this applications has been called. We are accepting the application from all 7 provinces of Nepal.

Thematics Areas: 
  • Dignified Menstruation 
  • HIV
  • GBV
Fellowship Components:
  • Application Deadline: May 13, 2023
  • Selection Process: 15 May  2023
  • Announcement of selected fellows: May 25, 2023
  • Training for selected fellows: June 4- to June 7 2023
  • Fund Release: 3rd week of June 
  • Fellowship Program : June 2023- January 2024
  • Reporting: February 2024
  • Note*: 60% fund will release as a 1st installment, 40% fund will be release after the submission of full report and financial documents of the total fellowship program.
  • *Registered organizations/ local CBOs are highly encouraged to apply.
  • *Radha Paudel Foundation will provided seed money to selected fellows.
  • *Preferred language : English/Nepali
Campaign on Dignified Menstruation is Everyone's Business (Completed)

In the support of AmplifyChange, Radha Paudel Foundation had implemented a project in Bara, Dailkeh and Kathmandu District of Nepal. With the local implementing partners (Social Development Committee in Bara and SOSEC in Dailekh District), Radha Paudel Foundation has organized a program on Dignified Menstruation. The primary focus of this project while aligning with SDGs is "Gender Equality". The total number of beneficiaries of this project is 136,702. The outcomes of this project are: 1.The government and global stakeholders such as Feminist Alliance for Rights, Meditation Beyond Borders, Girls are not Bride, etc. recognized menstrual discrimination as a form of gender-based violence and urgency of the dignity of Menstruators. 2. Government enforcement of the laws against menstrual discrimination including menstrual huts gave immense motivation to each of us across the country.

Dignified Menstruation for ending GBV and Human Rights

With the Support of the N-Peace Network, UNDP, Radha Paudel Foundation has implemented the project in the Bara and Chitwan district of Nepal. The local implementing partners were Social Development Committee in Bara and Active Women Forum for Justice in Chitwan. The outcome of the project is the protection and promotion of the rights of women and girls in the Bara and Chitwan district. 16412 were the direct beneficiaries whereas more than 100,000 were the indirect beneficiaries of this project.

Action for COVID-19 Responses on SRHR

With the support of PRO.SA, Radha Paudel Foundation had implemented a project in Bara and Dailekh districts. With the local implementing partners (Social Development Committee in Bara and Rupantaran Nepal in Dailekh), Radha Paudel Foundation has implemented the program during the pandemic of COVID 19 on SRHR with antenatal and postnatal women. The objective of this project is to ensure the fundamental rights of people especially menstruate, the antenatal and postnatal mothers from this COVID 19 impact. The total beneficiaries of this project are 101,636.