Dignified Menstruation, Ministry of Health

RPF extensively engaged with Ministry of Health for integrating `Dignified Menstruation’ including menstrual products in Nepal (challenges and opportunities) as provisioned in draft policy through varieties of activities including briefed to Hon. Minister Upendra Yadav, Adviser to Minister- Dr. K.K. Rai, Chief of Public Health, Ministry of Health- Mahendra Shrestha, Director General-Dr Shushil Phyakurel, Director of Family Health Welfare-Dr. Bhimsingh Tinkari, Nursing Division Chief- Rohsni Tuitee and team.

RPF also got opportunity to share the experience of menstrual products in Nepal in relation with Free Distribution of Sanitary Pad in public school, at Office of Prime Minister’s office as well as training at hotel view Bhirkuti, Godabari.