ToT on Dignified Menstrual Hygiene Management, National Water Supply and Sanitation Training Center (NWSSTC)

National Water Supply and Sanitation Training Center (NWSSTC), Ministry of Water Supply and Sewerage (MoWSS) organized National ToT on Dignified Menstrual Hygiene Management (DMHM) 2076/03/25-29 at its premises, Nagarkot. In order to align with draft policy on dignified menstruation, the training planned and executed for 26 participants from GOs, NGOs. The specific objectives are: i) to discuss about the history of the dignified menstruation in Nepal including draft policy, ii) to reflect the practices, rumours, taboos, laws around menstruation in Nepal and role of change makers, iii) to discuss about the dignified menstruation in school curriculum, iv) to share the public facilities/infrastructure regards to dignified menstruation and v) to discuss about various menstrual products and its practices in Nepal. The entire training had gone through reflect at individual levels as well as participatory approach followed by various methods: question answer, brain storming, storytelling, drama/role play, game, singing, dancing, puppet show, presentation, demonstration, small and large group exercises, movie etc. Anupa Regmi worked as co-facilitator of the training where Radha Paudel served as expert on dignified menstruation in Nepal. RPF acknowledged the NWSSTC for providing this opportunity.