RHSC, 18 General Meeting, Brussels, 19-22, March, 2018

Panelist: Radha Paudel from Nepal, Nancy from PATH, Gerda from Kasa Uganda, Sumariya, Kenya

On behalf of Foundation, Radha Paudel attended the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition 18 meeting at Brussels, Beljium started from 20 March and ended 22 March, 2018. She had spoken on Chhaupadi or Menstrual Restriction, reason, consequences on women and way forward in March 19, 2018 as webinar and presented as panellist in march 21, 2018. As a member of Advocacy and Accountability working group, she contributed the need and importance of dignified menstruation in humanitarian setting as well as for youth coccus.  She had person to person meetings with representatives of DFID, RHSC, Be a Girl, PATH and others regarding the ways to address the issue of dignified menstruation at global level. She also contributed in Asia Regional Forum (proposed).

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