Radha Paudel Foundation

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“State of free from any forms of menstrual discrimination includes stigma, taboos, abuse, violence, restrictions associated with menstruation throughout the life cycle of menstruators within all identities”. 
                         Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation (2019)

‘Miteri’: The Driving Philosophy of Radha Paudel Foundation

A concept of your choice to live together, with dignity, justice, and equality forever. You may be from South or North Perhaps from East or West Miteri would never ask, what your color, region, religion, or caste is?

Miteri is beyond marriage and blood bonding everyone with mutual love and respect. Oceans start with small drops of love from your heart connecting one heart to another to build up humanity. Rise above man-made prejudice is Miteri’s inspiration! Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are part of a human chain. Help us build our model community to raise our brothers and sisters out of deprivation with your valued contribution. Coming together for a cause united against inhumanity in our MiteriGaun, an idea of your choice to live together with dignity, justice, and equality forever. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Radha Paudel

Radha Paudel Foundation (RPF) is a non governmental, non political, non profit organisation and is recognised as a social business which was established in 2016 by Ms. Radha Paudel and her team. The grant our organisation offers goes far beyond the financial support. The main reason behind its establishment is peace building and to maintain equality.
RPF’s fundamental belief – All people are special regardless of castes, class or gender. Discrimination against anyone is discrimination against everyone.

RPF from its initial stage has been working to strengthen new frameworks for development. In all our activities we encourage the protection of human rights and empowerment of women, children and people in backward areas by providing secure environment, support, information and resources. The foundation provides outreach service, education and advocacy for women and children along with issues affecting them. RPF enhances young people strengthen and promote positive outcome for them by training and research. RPF works to promote and create respect, fulfillment and protection of equal rights to everyone.
The foundation carries a commitment to increase access to justice for oppressed and marginalized groups, promote women’s right and gender equality and to eradicate misconception of people regarding menstruation taboos around the country and all over the globe.

To Change Nepal into a modern healthy and a progressive philosophical country Radha paudel foundation has been making an effort  for the improvement of Health, Education, Human rights, Empowerment, and Sanitation in remote areas in order to eradicate the so-called deep-rooted traditions and cultures which has been violating the human right in name of tradition.


Health doesn’t only indicate the state of physical condition  but also mental wellbeing. A person can never be dedicated if they are not conductive to good health.Therefore, RPF believes in the necessity of good health of an individual in order to meliorate the nation and lift the status of mass along with the nation.


Education is fundamental human right. Across the world , 59 million children and 65 million adolescents are out of school. It not only affects on a person but hampers the whole family and country.Education is one of the vital key for women empowerment in the society.Education eradicates the discrimination against anyone.

Human right

( The right that cannot be taken away).Human right are moral principles that describes certain standards of human behaviour , and are regularly protected as legal rights of an individual . Human right is an internationally guranteed  fact that everyone is equal despite their religion , castes , gender and nationality.


Empowerment is the process of becoming more confident by gaining authority or power. Empowering women and youths to participate in different sectors is essential to build stronger society and improved life for communities. Gender empowerment is most especially in developing country like Nepal.

Water and sanitation

water is basic requirement. Clean drinking water , hygiene and sanitation plays an important role in maintaining good health . Maintaining sanitation especially in remote areas has been a challenge because of which people suffer from different disease. Therefore , sanitation management is also an important topic on which RPF has been working. And believes that small steps taken today enhances the future .

We Focus On Promoting Dignified Menstruation

State of free from any forms of menstrual discrimination includes stigma, taboos, abuse, violence, restrictions associated with menstruation throughout the life cycle of menstrurators within all identities. 

                                                                      Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation (2019)