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Dignified Menstruation is the state of freedom from any forms of abuse, discrimination, and violence associated with menstruation.

In the context of Nepal, Menstruation has many names equally, menstruation discrimination is multi-faceted. It is said that menstrual discrimination exists in the Western part of Nepal only but its presence is everywhere in Nepal, only there is the variation in its practices. The practice and restrictions remain similar no matter where the Nepali girls live. There are more than 40 restrictions were identified in the ranges of foods, touch, mobility, and participation.

With the objectives to eradicate all the myths, taboos, stigma from the ground root level in Nepal, Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation/Radha Paudel Foundation has started the chapter in Nepal as Dignified Menstruation Nepal.

TOT on Dignified Menstruation

The main objective of this campaign is to involve the youth as a change-maker in the movement dignified menstruation, developing their capacity building, and providing learning opportunities.
Nepal FM is working in collaboration with GSCDM/RPF as a Media Partner at the advocacy level. Different personalities from the National Women Commission, National Human Rights Commission, Media, Nepal Police/Army, Sports, ethnic background, National Youth Council (Youth Council of 7 provinces), Disability, Student Unions, Child Club, LGBTQI, Child Marriage Network, etc. were invited for the webinar to have a dialogue on Dignified Menstruation with the statements “ Dignified Menstruation is Everyone’s Business”.

Under this chapter, GSCDM/RPF runs a “Fellowship Campaign” in 7 provinces of Nepal in collaboration with local CBOs, Networks, and groups. In total, 14 organizations, Networks, and groups work under the fellowship campaign. The list of those campaigners are:

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