For details: December 8, Dignified Menstrual Day

Menstrual Practice is underlying cause for GBV

Keeping GBV’s definition in mind, it is evidently clear that girls, women, individuals who menstruate regardless of caste, class, race, education, religion, nationality are subject to various forms of visible violence due to the invisible violence sustained by deep ignorance on menstruation, biases on menstruation as a “women’s issue” or a “private issue”, and global silence due to stigma and shame.  Due to the stigma, shame, and taboo around menstruation, there are adverse immediate and long-term impact on one’s mental, physical, emotional, and social health including all forms of gender- based violence, rape, murder, sexual assault, death, and more. Due to the dissentient value imposed on menstruation and menstruating individual, their inter and intra level of peace is destroyed. Their human rights (right to dignity, right to food, right to health, right to education, right to mobility) is significantly compromised at multiple layers throughout their life cycle. These rights are also globally recognized as constitutional rights in many nations like Nepal. More importantly, these rights are directly connected to one’s inalienable human rights which are global.

‘Miteri’: The Driving Philosophy of Radha Paudel Foundation

Campaigns Beyond the Boarders

A concept of  your choice

to live together,

with dignity, justice and equality forever.

You may be from South or North

Perhaps from East or West

Miteri would never ask

What your colour, region, religion, or caste is

Miteri is beyond marriage and blood

bonding everyone with mutual love and respect

Oceans  start with small drops

drops of love from your heart

connecting one heart to another

to build up humanity

rise above man-made prejudice

is Miteri’s inspiration!

Whoever you are, wherever you are

you are part of a human chain

help us build our model community

to raise our brothers and sisters out of deprivation

with your valued contribution.

Coming together for a cause

united against inhumanity

in our MiteriGaun

A Idea of your choice

to live together

with dignity, justice and equality forever.

By: Radha Paudel

WHRD, Parsa was accused and beaten up





Women, Faith Healers collectively declared Chhaupadi free community at Lorpa, Jumla

If you likes to join hands for our CAUSE, here is the details;  

Account name :Radha Paudel Foundation

Account Number :00401010262279

Bank : Nepal Investment Bank Limited

Bank adress : Pulchowk, Lalitpur